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Inventory Management Using Information Technologies

Inventory Management Software - a required element of any economic system, designed to smooth out the uneven production, exchange, distribution and consumption of wealth.

Inventories are present throughout the logistics system. In exercising its functions. they provide reliable operation of the logistics system (both the macro and micro). The task of inventory management is to optimize the volume, range and location of stocks.

Without the use of information management systems to determine the level of stocks at the stock in certain moments of time possible with inventory. However, it is not possible to quickly determine the inventory levels of stock on some items quickly, because inventory takes time. This restriction is removed using specialized software, hardware identification (scanners, readers) and bar technology (radio frequency coding).

Inventory Management Software

The used software for inventory management can be composed of three modules: Module prediction; ongoing monitoring of stocks and forming applications under the points "point of order" - module supply; price adjustments based on compliance with a medium term remains and current liquidity situation in the supply - module pricing.

The task of inventory management in the dependent demand successfully resolved software class MRP (Material Recourse Planning). Inventory Management Modules are available in all ERP-systems. In most western ERP-systems of Inventory Management Software is implemented using technologies SIC (Statistical Inventory Control). They used statistical methods to model demand and time replenishment of inventory (inventory by the time production).

In accounting for inventories. IT used in the analysis of stock status by implementing software solutions in the method ABC and XYZ-classification. calculating the weighted average for the period, the calculation of the seasonal needs assessment irregular supply of goods and others. This is useful for specialized software or resort to Excel. For example, the firm offers programs co "ABC Analysis for Professional" and KonSi-Forexsal (Forecasting Sales Expert System), which can be used to analyze sales and therefore determine the level of created reserves. When using SIC (Statistical Inventory Control) accepted the decision to purchase based on statistical observations of changes in inventories and not on data derived from the analysis of individual sales history, which greatly increases the predictability of sales in the short term.

Of great importance in the management of stocks trading enterprise in circulation becomes now the World Wide Web - the Internet. Logistics quickly develops Internet technologies and takes its place in the network. In the book "Business with the speed of thought" by her experience taught Bill Gates largest supplier of computer equipment - the company Dell (USA) inventory management through the introduction of e-commerce. This company provides Internet access through more than half the volume of their trade.

The analysis of literature shows that the use of computer technology (software and peripheral products) in the management of stocks can significantly reduce inventory levels and improve customer service.

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