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Enterprise Risk Management For Business

Enterprise Risk Management - the process of decision making and implementation of measures aimed at ensuring the lowest possible (acceptable) risk.

Choice of risk is not an easy task. One option for its choice - to base risk, which manages the local MOE office. For example, this can be a threat to human life that require urgent evacuation of 500 people, "NS 2041" (according to the Classifier Emergencies in Ukraine). Admits that this situation occurs 1 in every two years, ie with probability 0.5. Then the evacuation of risk will be as: Re = R • E = const = 250. With such an acceptable risk, we get that evacuation (E) 25 thousand. People possible with probability P = 0.1 (1 every 10 years). If the actual probability of a much larger NA (eg, P = 0.2, ie 1 in every 5 years), then the condition we received prypustymo¬ho risk is not performed and should be taken to develop and strengthen protective systems. This is risk management. When the state seeks to manage risk, it guarantees citizens protection and preservation of health when exposed to harmful factors.

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Means of safety (enterprise risk management) in a market economy
Securing under market economy by means of licensing procedures and insurance. These procedures are regulated by relevant laws. Thus, the law of Ukraine "On Objects of high risk", a procedure for authorization (license) for the operation of increased danger. Economic entity, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations that intend to start the operation of increased danger send to the administration, executive town or city councils apply for a permit to operate high risk, which added:

Declaration of security;
the contract mandatory liability insurance for damage that may be caused by accidents at high risk;
Plan localization and liquidation of accidents at high risk;
a copy of the building permit and / or reconstruction of high risk;
conclusions of law and government, if any, public examinations;
copy of the respective council gives its consent to the placement of the object of increased danger in the village, settlement, city (in case the location of the object is in that territory).
Relevant state administration, executive bodies consider the application, coordinate with regional bodies specially authorized central executive authorities and send a business entity written authorization to operate a high risk or a reasoned rejection of the list of additional measures it should take to obtain a permit (license). A copy of the permit to operate high risk sent specially authorized executive body exercising state supervision and control in activities associated with high risk.

Licensing and insurance activities OHD are the main elements of their functioning in the market economy. Common to both processes is the need to calculate risks. This process calculations differ significantly, especially for the purpose of. Calculating risk management should be more complete and thorough, including identification of the most sensitive elements of the management system. For insurance required average statistical risk assessment based on the previous work of this object or similar objects to it.


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