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Project Management System Software

Project Management System (Software Project Management) - determination for complex software, including software for job scheduling, preparation painting, control prices and budget management, resource allocation, teamwork, communication, rapid control, documentation and administration systems To be used together to manage large projects.

Task management software project
Planning One of the most popular features is the ability scheduling and task management. Requirements can vary depending on how the tool is used.
The most common are:
  • planning various events that depend on each one;
  • scheduling of staff and resource management;
  • the calculation time required for solving each of the tasks
  • sorting tasks depending on the timing of their completion;

  • managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Calculating the critical path
  • Data management and information

Software project management provides a large amount of essential information such as: task list for staff and information on the distribution of resources;
  • Review information about the timing of tasks;
  • early warning of possible risks associated with the project;
  • The work load;
  • information on the project, the indicators and their forecasting.
  • Types of software project management
  • Stationary (standalone) software

project management software reviews

Project Management System Software- Such programs typically let you store information in a file that can be further described as universal access to other users or the data stored in the central database. As an example, we can cite the following program:

  • Cerebro - software that is designed for a large number of users to manage media projects;
  • GanttProject - a program designed for project planning based on Gantt charting and diagramming type PERT;
  • KPlato - application for project management in OS Linux;
  • Microsoft Project - project management software developed and marketed by the corporation Microsoft;
  • OpenProj - multiplatform software project management. The development of LibreOffice;
  • Open Workbench;
  • TaskJuggler - multi-project management software, distributed under the terms of GPL, written in Ruby.

Web applications
Basecamp - an online tool for project management, teamwork and goal setting for projects created by 37signals;
Pivotal Tracker - an online system to manage the project development and formulation of problems created by PivotalLabs.
Bontq - web application for project management and tracking error;
Easy Projects.NET - multifunction (enterprise) project management system;
Gantter - cloud services for project management (;
Kommandcore - web service for project management team;
PayDox - web-oriented system management tasks and projects;
Project Kaiser - Project management system;
TeamLab - virtual office to work on projects that includes online word processing and system CRM;
TeamBridge - online service for collaboration, project management and company;
Wrike - online tools for project management and collaboration.
For a single user
Single-user systems can be used as personal or small management companies.

Project Management System For many users
Designed to coordinate actions of several tens or hundreds of users. Usually project management system software  built on client-server technology and have web interface. By systems are designed for large users, include:

Atlassian JIRA - multi-server web application for project management, tracking errors for organizing communication with users and reporting. Development of Atlassian Software Systems;
Redmine - outdoor multi-server web application written in the web framework Ruby on Rails to manage projects and tasks (including tracking error) and reporting;
Trac - multi-server web application for project management and tracking bugs in software;
Mantis Bug Tracker - outdoor multi-server web application for project management, bug tracking in software and reporting;
Easy Projects.NET - is a web application for project management for development of software written in .NET by Logic Software;
OpenProject - multi-server web application written in the web framework Ruby on Rails Project Management. Development of ChiliProject;
PayDox - system of electronic document management, business process management and collaboration;
ProjectMate - Russian system automation professional activities related to PSA-class solutions (Professional Services Automation);

TeamLab - a multi-line office that includes CRM, tools for collaboration on projects, Gantt chart, postal aggregator and online editors documents of new generation, written in HTML5;

GitHub - one of the largest web services for collaborative software development based on the version control file versions of Git, and can position itself as a project management system

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